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We offer NGOs and governments direct access to specialised expertise. During a one-hour online sessions, our experts apply their research experience and deep contextual knowledge to provide insight, critical feedback, ideas, and recommendations.
They bring an objective and fresh perspective to your work: helping to identify knowledge gaps, highlight potential pitfalls, and – when needed – find alternative, smarter and innovative strategies.
With Acume’s expert sessions, you gain essential critical insight faster, ensuring your projects always maximise social impact.

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On demand

Get started with our on-demand sessions - flexible access to expertise when you need it most.

Emerging researcher

Hear from new voices from across the globe



Per session

Including PhD students, recent doctoral graduates, and postdoctoral researchers

Specialist in a focused niche

Bringing fresh and diverse perspectives

Experienced academics

Learn from those shaping academic discourse



Per session

Including lecturers and senior lecturers

In-depth knowledge in their field, providing rich insights

Experts in innovative problem-solving for contemporary challenges

Distinguished professors

Engage with leading academic minds



Per session

Including full professors

Bringing a profound depth of knowledge and a record of innovative research

Experienced in bridging academic insights with governments and NGOs

Enjoy savings with our pre-pay plans - an efficient, cost-effective way to secure the expertise you need for greater impact

Custom plan

Tailored solution for your organisational needs

Save money with the pre-paid rate

Team can claim at their convenience

Custom plans available for every team size – big or small

Credits valid for 365 days from day of first use

Flexible usage: 1 credit for early researcher, 2 credits for experienced academic, 3 credits for professor

Empower your team with new perspective

Sharpen your team’s understanding of local contexts with deep insight and tailored advice from those who know.

What's included

  • Onboarding
  • Initial consultation
  • Customised recruitment
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Stakeholder preparation
  • One hour video / telephone call
  • End-to-end management

What can an expert help me with?

Review project design and policy frameworks to ensure it is positioned to meet impact potential

Leverage local expertise to ensure approaches align with the community's values, priorities and expectations

Identify unseen pitfalls and hidden opportunities to navigate before a project begins

Develop and finetune a monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure smart and accurate assessment

Collaborative brainstorming to generate new, informed ideas that help to derisk innovation

Understand a sociopolitical landscape and know how to adapt current operations for a new context