We find you the academic expert who will ensure you deliver greater impact for the communities you serve.

Get custom insights

Published papers have limited relevancy to your unique case-study or project. But academics have years of accumulated knowledge and this can be applied directly to your context.

Get local knowledge

We believe local experts know best. We have academics based in and from the regions you work with, to ensure your plan will be effective in local contexts.

Save resources

Using an academic expert can help you to reduce risk, avoid wasting time, money and energy, and save on consulting fees. It lets you do more for less.

Expert sessions

An expert session is typically a one-hour online interview with the expert, but can also take the form of a workshop or an in-person meeting. 

How it works

We work with you to create a short problem-statement, which outlines the objectives of the call. Perhaps you wish to identify possible pitfalls in a project or policy, or wish to better understand how local government works in your region.

Using our database and conducting customised recruiting where needed, we will present you with a small selection of available academic experts that match your needs within 48 hours. 

After making your selection, the expert is briefed and is trained how to deliver the information in a format useful for you. 

The call is scheduled, and you attain key insights to immediately action across your work.

Price guide

Group saver

Experienced academics to solve multiple problems



6 x 1 hour sessions

Big expert

An experienced academic to help problem-solve



1 hour session

Little expert

A PhD student to help you understand



1 hour session

Book expert