Logo Use

Welcome to the Acume Logo Use Policy page. We appreciate your interest in linking to our site and sharing our research. To ensure a consistent and respectful use of the Acume logo, we have established the following guidelines.

License to Use the Acume Logo

  • Grant of License: We grant you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, revocable, worldwide license to use the Acume logo for the purpose of linking to our website or sharing research, subject to these guidelines and our Terms of Service.
  • Compliance with Guidelines: Use of the Acume logo is permitted provided you adhere strictly to these Logo Use Guidelines.
  • Revocation of License: We reserve the right to revoke this license at any time. Upon receiving written notice from us, you must immediately cease all use of the logo.

Permitted Logo Pairings

While the Acume logo is protected, we recognise certain circumstances where it can be paired with other logos, such as:

  • Educational Institutions: With any established university or research institution that has a relationship with Acume.
  • Client Organisations: By any client that we have served through our expert network, acknowledging our direct business relationship.
  • Collaborative Partners: By any partners with whom we have or are formally collaborating, signifying our verified partnership.
  • Research Associations: By any organisation which was directly associated with producing the original research that has been shared on Acume.
  • Media Organisations: By any media organisation that we have or will be directly working with, to denote a collaborative or reporting relationship.
  • Personal Website Promotion: If you are promoting research that you have shared on Acume on your personal website, you may use the Acume logo alongside any personal branding or logo you have for your website. This is to indicate that the research being promoted or discussed is sourced from or connected to Acume. However, it is crucial that the use of the Acume logo:
    • Is directly relevant to the content being shared.
    • Does not imply any endorsement or official partnership unless such an arrangement has been formally established.

Prohibited Uses

  • The Acume logo must not be used in any manner that could harm our reputation or leverage it inappropriately. Any use that contradicts these guidelines may result in revocation of the license.

Promoting Contributions and Sharing on Social Media

  • When adding the Acume logo to a website or sharing it on social media to promote your contributions or research, you must tag or provide a direct link to Acume. This ensures proper attribution and maintains the connection to our brand.

Logo Specifications

  • Minimum Size: The logo should be displayed at a size where the wordmark is clearly legible, taking into account the resolution of the medium used.
  • Colour Palette:
    • The logo is available in two colours:
      • White logo (#FFFFFF)
      • Acume blue logo (#002A52)
    • Prohibited: Using other colour variations for the logo
    • Acume colour palette: Acume Blue (#002A52), Acume Grey (#F9F9F9), Acume Green (#4E7984), Acume Violet (#D0D1FF)
  • Backgrounds:
    • Both logos require a different background:
      • White logo (#FFFFFF) to be used on Acume blue (#002A52) or another dark background.
      • Blue logo (#002A52)to be used on white or Acume grey (#F9F9F9) backgrounds.
    • Avoid placing the logo over photographs, except in specific, personal-use cases where it is a photograph of only you and the photograph is your property, or the photograph has no persons pictured and the photograph is your property.
    • If a different coloured background is chosen for the white logo, then ensure high contrast and visibility for the logo. If not Acume blue, then next preference is black.
  • Orientation: The logo should always be in its standard orientation without rotation.

Misuse Examples

  • Modifications to the logo design
  • Incorrect colour usage
  • Attaching elements or enclosing the logo within a graphic element.
  • Unauthorised pairing with other company logos

Requesting a Variance

For creative uses that deviate from these guidelines, submit your design for approval to admin@acume.org.

Adherence to these guidelines helps preserve the Acume brand’s consistency and recognition. We reserve the right to enforce compliance with these guidelines.