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Accessible science-backed ideas change our world

Acume is driven by a bold and independent social mission: to empower every changemaker, from grassroots advocates to international policymakers, with diverse and reliable insights.

We believe that removing current barriers to academic wisdom and local knowledge are not only crucial steps for advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but can be catalysts for transforming the global approach to international affairs and development.

Our goal is to help professionals deliver initiatives that are innovative, inclusive and representative of diverse voices, ensuring positive and sustainable outcomes for people and planet.

Our story

Did you know?

3 million

Research papers are published in peer-review journals each year

Source: Clarivate


Of all research papers are not read by anyone other than their authors, referees and journal editors

Source: Indiana University


Of research done in Africa is conducted in collaboration with the Global North, representing the huge power imbalance

Source: UNESCO


Of articles published in 20 top development journals were by researchers based in the global south

Source: Nature

2 hours

The average time it takes to read one academic paper

Source: Poll results


Of academics invest 32 hours each month pushing impact for their work

Source: Nature

Global challenges we work on

Democratisation of academia

We believe knowledge should have no barriers, which is why we’re building a completely open library and using simple language


We’re breaking down colonial legacies in academia to ensure diverse voices and perspectives are equally valued and heard – supporting the decolonisation of aid

Diversity and representation

We include voices from within communities alongside a diverse range of global perspectives, enriching our search provides representative insights.

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What is Acume

Acume turns academic research into concise, practical insights for the international affairs and development sector. We turn complex information into clear, actionable guidance to support impactful decision-making. Our focus on diverse perspectives ensures we support sustainable and inclusive social impact.


What we offer

Time-saving summaries

We provide a free library of practical research summaries made by academics from across the world. Our impact summaries are designed to be simple and concise, enabling professionals to easily apply key insights into their work.

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Expert consultations

We match partners with academic experts for fast, tailored guidance, helping them to quickly find strategies and innovative solutions. Our experts provide advice to refine plans, incorporate community insights, and address design challenges, ensuring efficient and impactful results.

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Our values


Embrace continuous growth, stay curious and open to new ideas. Explore, experiment, and gain wisdom from diverse perspectives. 


Actively listen, value diversity, and champion inclusivity. Dedicate ourselves to making knowledge accessible and representative of all voices.


Be honest and ethical across every action. Choose what is right for peopla and planet over what is easy, ensuring our work earns and maintains trust.


Be objective and deliver information impartially, free from external influences and internal biases. Make decisions based on evidence, never allowing fear or favour to sway judgment.

Our team

Yasmine Finbow


Shane Nolan

Tech Lead

Our advisors

Ali Aljasem


Utrecht University

Arunn Jegan

Advocacy Coordinator

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Curtis Raynold

Former Secretary

UN Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters

Dr Mark Siebert



Dr Peter Matanle

Senior Lecturer, School of East Asian Studies

University of Sheffield

Gina Dumfries

Advisor on Strategic Growth


Liesbeth Rigter

Leadership Consultant


Thank you to everyone who gave their time to make Acume possible

Anna Chadwell
Bela Ashworth
Angelines Yaport-Garcia
Allegra Clark
Antoine Germain
Emma Spieler
Esther Feeken
Caroline Rohr
Bruna Pellegrino
Belén Martínez González
Ben Levett
Arianne Zajac
Jasmyn Spanswick
Jack Wilkinson
Jess Littman
Kirsti Sletten
Lina Lou
Margaux Baril
Noemi Suter
Martin Haselhoff
Meliha Verlasevic
Peter Emerson
Smaranda Bob
Stefano Cisternino
Sim Hoekstra
Sem Jans
Sophie Falshaw
Tyree Vasconcellos
William Green
Christina Takayama
Maali Jamil
Eva van der Pol
Phaedra Haringsma
Carmen Gabriela Lupu
Loretta Ati
Elise Sem Fa
Elise Granlie
Panos Koromvokis
Ramya Zwaal