Enhance your impact with trustworthy and diverse insights.

Our summaries allow change-makers to find and use important academic research without the usual hassle.

2 million

Academic papers are published every year


Of all social science research is never cited or used


Of cited social science papers are made by USA and UK academics – power imbalances stifle diverse representation

2 hours

The average time it takes to read one academic paper

Our mission

Academic knowledge is a trustworthy, diverse and creative resource produced to assist people and planet. 

Thus we want to make academic knowledge from around the world accessible and useable for every change-maker, to help them make a greater impact. 

We support the movement to democratise, diversify, and decolonise academic research.

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What we do

We turn academic research into short impact summaries, so non-academics can easily find, learn and apply insights to improve their work.

Our impact summaries are short, simplify complex language, and focus only on what matters for professionals: findings, evidence and what it means for moving forward. 

We help academics have their research seen, and we help professionals find insights to enhance their work.

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Open access

We faced some challenges trying to work out how to fund such an initiative. 

Actionable Insights

Summaries are made for the professional to use. Making them quick, easy, actionable

Use experts

Need to make a policy or project better? We connect expert advisors to meet your needs.

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Diverse ideas

A global community, where you can find ideas and people from around the world

How our platform works


Academics add summary

After making a free account, academics create practical summaries 


Insights shared

Summaries are added to the database and available to be discovered


Use insights for impact

Quickly find diverse findings and evidence to improve your work

Know more in less time

Have your research seen

Find evidence to back your work

Learn new perspectives

Grow your network

Be inspired, think bigger

Deliver more impact


Our database of summaries is completely open-access. It is free for academics to contribute, and free for practitioners to access and use.

It is an open resource, developed to deliver societal value. To help change-makers be more effective.

This is because Acume was started to change academia and empower individuals with diverse knowledge. We wanted to make insights accessible to everyone, no matter an organisation’s resources or academics access to finance. And we wanted different groups of academics and knowledge represented across the platform. 

We do not impose paywalls, charge contribution costs, or use ads. Instead Acume is funded by a model which benefits everyone.

We connect experts to need and take a small commission for doing so.

Academics on our platform can discreetly become paid experts, and we hire out our experts to organisations who need help. Helping the academic make an additional income, and helping the organisation avoid wasting resources, costly mistakes and expensive consultancy fees.

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Meet the team

Yasmine Finbow


Shane Nolan

Tech Lead

Bela Ashworth


Eva van der Pol


Bruna Pellegrino


Belén Martínez González


Caroline Rohr


Noemi Suter

Social Media

Emma Spieler


Smaranda Bob


Meliha Verlasevic


Sem Jans


Tyree Vasconcellos


Carmen Gabriela Lupu


Loretta Ati


Elise Sem Fa


Elise Granlie


Panos Koromvokis


Ramya Zwaal

Academic Operations - Decolonisation

Our advisors

Ali Aljasem


Utrecht University

Arunn Jegan

Advocacy Coordinator

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Curtis Raynold

Former Secretary

UN Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters

Dr Mark Siebert



Dr Peter Matanle

Senior Lecturer, School of East Asian Studies

University of Sheffield

Gina Dumfries

Advisor on Strategic Growth


Liesbeth Rigter

Leadership Consultant


Our values


Be curious, open-minded, experiment, learn from different perspectives


Listen, be inclusive,  embrace diversity. Make knowledge accessible to all.


Be objective,  honest and make decisions based on evidence

Think big

Imagine, rethink, and contribute to a better world that serves people and planet

Thank you to everyone who has given their time to make Acume happen.

Phaedra Haringsma

Maali Jamil

Christina Takayama

William Green

Sophie Falshaw

Sim Hoekstra

Stefano Cisternino

Peter Emerson

Martin Haselhoff

Margaux Baril

Lina Lou

Kirsti Sletten

Jess Littman

Jack Wilkinson

Jasmyn Spanswick

Esther Feeken

Ben Levett

Arianne Zajac

Angelines Yaport-Garcia

Antoine Germain

Allegra Clark

Anna Chadwell