We envision a world where academics and practitioners work together to drive meaningful change. Where they exchange knowledge, recommendations and innovative ideas to empower communities, increase evidence-informed decisions, and ultimately enhance positive impact across the international affairs & development sector

Our mission

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To democratise access to academic knowledge

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To diversify academic representation

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To advocate for the decolonisation of knowledge

What we do

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  • Build an international and diverse community of academics and practitioners

    Bridging the gap between scholars and professionals to challenge conventional thinking and encourage meaningful exchange

  • Enable every professional to access academic research insights

    Building a searchable library of research briefings so every professional can access insights and make evidence-informed decisions

  • Make it quick and easy to identify and digest academic research

    Summarising traditional, long and complex academic papers into relevant and useful key insight briefings that are quick to read & easy to implement.

  • Transform academic research into practical recommendations for implementation

    Academics share their expert advice and guidance on how their research should be understood and used across practice, policy and programmes.

  • Promote the research curated by regional and diverse academics

    Offering an easier way to explore more localised and customised recommendations from regional scholars

Our Values

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Inclusivity & Diversity

We believe knowledge should be available to everyone. And that this knowledge must be diverse and inclusive of every community around the world.


We believe academic insights are so valuable due to their objectivity, transparency and quality. We aim to be transparent, trustworthy and honest in all that we do.


We believe we should never stop being curious. Listening, asking questions and healthy debate underpin how we can learn from each other and grow.

Think Big

We value new and ambitious ideas that can reform and innovate the world we live in. We believe that ideas put into action can change the world.