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What is Acume?
We are a database of translated & summarised academic insights ready for implementation

Acume democratises the knowledge locked once inside university walls and unaffordable journals
Acume supports governments, NGOs & CSOs with a new way to access academia
Acume offers high-quality, trustworthy and relevant findings researched by a diverse community of scholars
Acume translates complex academic papers into short and concise summaries that save you time
Acume transforms academic research into useful, valuable & implementable recommendations
Acume gives access to local insights to help customise approaches and build more sustainable solutions
Acume equips professionals with the insights to accelerate innovation across the sector
Acume keeps professionals informed of academic developments to ensure best practice
Acume facilitates a global exchange of ideas between scholars and thought leaders from across the world

Trustworthy Knowledge

Access reliable recommendations endorsed by academics

Diverse Ideas

Learn from a diverse & international community

actionable recommendations

Understand how the research could be used in practice

Speedy Insight

Save time with insights that are fast to find and quick to read

How can Acume support my work?
we help you to identify & use key research findings to support evidence-based decision-making & more effective outcomes

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Are you an innovative & rigorous researcher working on gender?

We’re seeking meticulous scholars to share insightful research on gender. The work should be relevant and useable for an international affairs & development professional. By supporting our mission, you’ll help governments and NGOs achieve their sustainable development goals.

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