Making academic research accessible & inclusive

Acume summarises academic research and makes accessing key research findings quick, easy and useable for the international affairs & development community.

We connect practitioners & policymakers with academic research findings
We democratise academia by making it accessible to a wider audience
We provide diverse & reliable insights to inform best practice
We transform long & complex papers into concise & digestible summaries
We save time by making research easy to find & quick to digest
We extract valuable & practical insights ready for implementation
We support governments, NGOs & CSOs to find relevant & useful knowledge
We make it easy to access progressive, innovative and groundbreaking ideas
We create a transnational community of professionals & academics
We facilitate dialogue & exchange between professionals & academics
We revolutionise how academic research is accessed
  • Diverse Ideas

    Academics are representatives of communities across the world and can offer deep contextual knowledge

  • Trustworthy Knowledge

    Academics use meticulous methods to arrive at sound recommendations that can be trusted

  • Actionable Recommendations

    Academics have carefully analysed their research and are experts on how their findings should be implemented

  • Fast Insights

    Academics have summarised their work into what's important, making its findings quick to read

We want to connect with diverse & innovative scholars.

We need incredible academics who support our mission, are passionate about innovation, and whose research is relevant and useful for the international affairs and development sector.

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