Help turn research into a resource for change

Get involved

You’ll be working closely with academics across the world to make academic research more accessible and useful for NGOs and government organisations.

Why volunteer

Make an impact

Make academic research more accessible to help inform and innovate international affairs and development

Network with diverse academics

Meet, interview and learn from inspiring academics from across the world

Gain new skills

A two-month opportunity to help you learn new skills, such as effective networking and interviewing

How it works

Five students are selected to join each cohort. As a student volunteer, you will commit ten hours a week for a two month commitment.

Over the two months period, you will be running your own outreach project on an academic topic related to a social challenge (eg climate change, human trafficking, inequality etc).

Acume values academics who are representative of the region they research (either living there or from there) as we believe they know more about the language and culture, and we expect you to have the same passion and actively work to increase the representation of “local” academics on our platform.

Therefore, you will research, invite and interview academics from across the world, and help turn their latest paper into something useful for practitioners and policymakers.

You will be expected to dedicate a minimum of ten hours a week, including joining a weekly team meeting.


In your two months, you will run your own mini outreach project. You will be assigned a topic that aligns with your current expertise.


You will be expected to research academics and organise and conduct interviews with them. Preparing their research as a summary for their review.

Ongoing support

We will have ongoing communication throughout, but a scheduled checkin every week to update, reflect and problem solve any challenges.

Who we look for

We’re on the lookout for intelligent, mission-driven students who are passionate about making a difference through academic research. At Acume, we believe in the power of research to change the world, but in order to do so, it must be accessible, available to everyone, and usable.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Passionate about diversity in research: You’ll help champion the idea that academic research should mirror our world’s diversity. We’re striving to break the traditional biases of peer-reviewed journals and bring forward voices that have been underrepresented.
  • Dedicated to truth and accuracy: Like a journalist, your role will be to report on the latest academic research while maintaining the integrity of the academic’s insights. It’s vital that we represent findings and ideas accurately, without altering their meaning.
  • Skilled in editing: Your ability to edit and simplify complex information without changing the core message is crucial. You’ll want to cut the noise and fluff without changing the meaning.
  • Academic background: Students with a strong foundation in social sciences or humanities are preferred, but we welcome applicants from other disciplines who share our mission.
  • Strong people and interview skills: You should be able to lead interviews effectively, allowing for thoughtful dialogue and asking the right questions to draw out key insights.
  • Confidence in communication: You’ll need to explain our mission and the unique impact summary format to academics and be confident enough to request more detail or clarification.
  • Strong project management: Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, maintain high levels of organisation and prioritise timely tasks.

What we expect:

  • Academic experience: Ideal for third-year Bachelor’s or Master’s students, especially in social sciences or humanities.
  • Commitment: A minimum of two months, dedicating at least 10 hours a week.
  • We value: A sharp, inquisitive mind, demonstrated initiative, genuine enthusiasm for our mission, organisation, exceptional people skills, and strong editorial judgement.


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