Bridging academic wisdom with action

At Acume, we turn academic insights into practical guidance for international affairs and development, assisting NGOs and governments in developing smarter policies and projects through evidence, expert insight and fresh perspective. 

What we offer

Open access summaries

Find key academic findings and actionable insights easily and for free in our open access summary library, part of our commitment to democratise knowledge

Expert sessions

Book a one-hour session with an academic expert for in-depth insights and strategic advice to refine your plans and tackle complex challenges.

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Knowledge collection

Commission summaries to meet your needs. We source research to bridge your knowledge gaps and honour your contribution when shared in our extensive knowledge base.

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Expert guidance to help you make a greater social impact

Fast insights

Gain actionable advice from an expert who knows the issue like no other and can preempt challenges and reduce risk

Indigenous ideas

Leverage advice from regional experts to ensure your strategies are locally viable, culturally attuned and impactful

Save resources

Save your time and money by avoiding redundant efforts, unviable strategies, while maximising opportunity

Smart innovation

Explore new evidence-led ideas for innovative policy and project development that set benchmarks for social impact

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