Find and use diverse academic insights, effortlessly

In the fast-changing landscape of international affairs and development, nuanced understanding and fresh perspectives are essential for creating effective, lasting solutions.

Acume connects you to the insights of regional scholars and global experts, ensuring policymakers and practitioners can easily access and apply academic wisdom across your work.

How Acume makes research available and actionable

We bridge the gap between academic insight and practical application by offering two distinct pathways: our open-access library of research summaries and our tailored expert services.

Expert service

Acume carefully matches your dilemma with academic experts whose deep, specialised knowledge will enhance your approach and understanding to complex challenges. This isn’t hearing about a research paper; it’s about leveraging years of academic expertise and applying it to your specific context.

Our experts can assist in critically evaluating project plans, developing strategies tailored to specific contexts, and crafting policies with greater impact, offering fresh insights and practical recommendations to refine your work.


Initial consultation
Book a free 20-minute consultation to share your dilemma and what you’re looking for in an expert


Problem statement
We will craft you a problem statement that explains your needs and objectives, to ensure we match you with the most suitable experts.


Expert selection
Receive a handpicked list of experts tailored to your problem statement within 3 working days, complete with their profiles and relevant experience


Call with expert
Select your preferred expert, and we’ll arrange all the rest for a productive one-hour call, including confidentiality agreements, additional briefing notes and any clarifications.

Gain swift, expert advice to identify and fill knowledge gaps, accelerating your research and decision-making process

Access specialised expertise for effective problem resolution and reduce the risk of costly errors

Consult with local experts to ensure culturally relevant and community-centric solutions

Achieve cost-effective outcomes with niche expertise that outperforms conventional consulting services in value.

Leverage new and diverse academic perspectives from around the world to inspire innovative and inclusive outcomes.

Skip all the onboarding prep (contracts, confidentiality, payments) hassle – we have it all covered

Getting the most from your expert call

Impact summaries

At Acume, our mission is to make academic research universally accessible and practical. With this goal in mind, we created the impact summary—a resource designed for a professional in social impact to quickly, easily, and efficiently utilise the latest research.

Academics worldwide contribute their latest findings in the form of a concise, practical impact summary, which distills the key insights, offers evidence ready for citation, and translates complex information into actionable advice.

Diversity and representation are central to our platform, and we actively engage experts who are often underrepresented in traditional academia. Our search algorithm is being designed to include indigenous ideas from scholars who are representatives of the communities relevant to your searches, along with a variety of external thought leaders. This approach ensures valuable diversity of perspectives is always represented in the knowledge you discover.

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Search research from diverse academic voices relevant for your area of interest


Quickly learn insights through concise summaries that highlight useful findings and key evidence


Implement evidence-based ideas with ease, guided by the academics’ clear, step-by-step recommendations.

Learn academic knowledge 24x faster than a traditional paper

Access unlimited research summaries for free

Discover insights from diverse academic voices to enrich and challenge your understanding

Implement academic insights into your work seamlessly with clear, actionable guidance

Improve credibility of your reports and grant applications by citing evidence

Find insights without the complexity or jargon as our summaries are written for a non-academic audience

Spark innovation and smarter thinking with diverse academic perspective and fresh ideas

Stay updated of the latest research to shape impactful strategies