Why choose Acume?

Acume transforms academic research into practical resources for the international affairs and development sector. We deliver insights that drive action, accessible through our open access library and expert services.

Free, open library

Our global network of academics are committed to democratising knowledge. They transform their long, complex research into accessible and actionable impact summaries. Available in our open library, these impact summaries provide more practical solutions than traditional academic papers and greater depth than AI-generated content.

Tailored expert services

Our expert services are specifically designed to tackle unique challenges across a variety of projects, contexts, and policy areas. We help professionals quickly find solutions, aiding them to refine strategies, address critical issues proactively, and develop approaches tailored to specific community needs.

Here's why forward-thinking professionals and academics are choosing Acume as their trusted partner:

Trusted by governments & NGOs

National governments, intergovernmental bodies, and global NGOs rely on our services for dependable research and insights

Diversity across insights

We amplify a spectrum of global voices and ensure representation across our research collection. We believe inclusion fuels innovation and progress

Accessible insights

Our open platform facilitates the free exchange of knowledge, breaking down barriers for universal access

Applied expertise

We align organisations with academic experts for custom, problem-solving guidance and design optimisation. Helping organisations review and foresee any gaps

Focused on "how"

We help academics transform their work into concise, actionable recommendations with instruction on what must be done

Save money

Our platform helps organisations reduce research overheads, expensive consultancy fees, and avoid expensive pitfalls

Quick answers

Quick access to expert consultations cuts through lengthy internal research processes, providing immediate identification of gaps and solutions 

Fresh perspectives

We provide a gateway to new and representative perspectives, helping organisations gain comprehensive understanding

Ethical priorities

Our roots in the sector guide our commitment to human rights and social impact, ensuring ethical integrity is always the priority

Mutual benefits

We created a model where everyone wins. Academics disseminate research freely while earning fairly, and organisations gain invaluable, instant insights.

Equal compensation

We compensate experts based on experience, ensuring fair compensation irrespective of geographic location. We believe paying some more, helps level the sector

Time-saving impact summaries

Our summaries are crafted for busy professionals, meaning they are fast to read and focus on just what matters for impact

We are social impact experts

Originating within the sector, we understand and can advise key challenges with an informed, expert approach. This lets us find the most suitable experts.

Decolonising efforts

We strive to level the academic and aid playing fields, actively working to elevate underrepresented voices and dismantle problematic structures

Expert development

We equip our academic experts with training so they understand your needs and can articulate clear, practical recommendations

We deeply care

Acume was founded to make research available, useful and representative, driven by our commitment to foster more inclusive social impact

Supporting dissemination

We want to make it as easy as possible for academics to share their latest research and have it seen. This is why it is free and fast to contribute.


Our academics back up what they say with citable evidence, strengthening the credibility of your work

Global community

We bring academics, professionals and other changemakers all together from across the world. Helping to expand professional networks.

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