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Our core service provide NGOs and governments with custom bundles of concise research summaries, carefully sourced and made by us to address your knowledge gaps, and inject evidence and new ideas into your projects. The completed collection will be made available in our open library, alongside acknowledgment of your organisation’s role in making that research accessible. Additionally, we offer an optional add-on where we conduct a discreet survey among our participating academics, collating their expert responses to your key questions.

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Custom impact summary collection made to advance your understanding



A curated collection of  Acume-format summaries, gathered specifically to address your unique research needs on any social issue from any region

Decolonised approach which ensures experts from the researched community are included to offer their insights

Your organisation’s support is publicly acknowledged for each summary you contribute to the open library

Optional: We conduct a discreet survey with participating experts to ascertain their advice for your internal strategic insights

Position your team to make a greater impact

Give your team diverse and relevant research intelligence to inform their decisions and unlock optimal social impact.

What's included

  • Onboarding
  • Initial consultation
  • Knowledge plan
  • Customised recruitment
  • Interviews with experts conducted by Acume
  • Contributions paid to experts
  • Research summary collection presented in a report format
  • Questions to survey experts
  • Sponsored summaries
  • End-to-end management


  • Literature review
  • Analysis report
  • Roundtables with experts

How can our knowledge collection service assist your team?

Effortlessly identify critical areas within a topic, ensuring comprehensive coverage and strategic alignment for your projects.

Stay abreast of the latest findings without dedicating internal resources to extensive research, saving time and effort

Attain a broad range of viewpoints, deepening your awareness and making your strategies more inclusive

Gain culturally nuanced insights that respect and reflect the communities you're engaging with, fostering trust and relevance

Utilise summaries to quickly bring your entire team up to speed on critical issues, freeing up valuable time to implement solutions rather than collect data

Benefit from actionable recommendations that are the result of synthesising academic expertise with real-world application potential