• What are the benefits of using an expert network?

    Acume’s expert network offers focused access to very niche knowledge – helping you get answers faster. Rather than reviewing internally, it is better to get external expertise that can objectively assess for any issues. This saves you time, saves you from conducting internal research, and helps you to problem-solve effectively. By connecting with experienced experts, you gain applied insights and recommendations to improve your projects. 

  • How do I book an expert?

    We can find you some experts after a brief consultation with us. Simply book a time here that is convenient for you.

  • How do I become an expert?

    If you are an academic or conduct academic research, then you can sign up on the website and select either academic if currently at a university or select researcher if you do academic research but are not at a university.

    After you complete your profile, you have the option to indicate that you are open to opportunities. If you are considered, then we will vet your identity and request that you undergo our training before your initial consultation. We recommend that you create a summary on your latest research as this also gives the Acume team insight into your ideas. 

    Being open to expert opportunities is always discreet. 


  • I am a researcher from the sector, can I share my research?

    Yes, you can! Sign up with a researcher profile and you can share your organisations research as a summary.

  • Where can I find resources to get the most from an expert consultation?

    Once you log in to your Acume account, you’ll have access to a range of helpful resources. We’ve curated articles and guides specifically designed to assist you in preparing for expert consultations. We will also send you an information package after you book a consultation. 

  • How can I trust the quality of the insights provided?

    We ensure the quality of insights by conducting a thorough vetting process for every expert presented to you on our platform. This includes verifying their identity, credentials, and experience. We aim to connect you with the most reliable and reputable sources of information. However, it’s important to remember that the advice given is based on the experts’ informed opinions. We encourage you to engage critically with the insights provided and ask for evidence or rationale to support any claims during your consultations.

  • How does Acume handle the compensation and rights of academics contributing to the platform?

    At Acume, we’re committed to fair and equitable compensation for academics, which reflects their experience and expertise, regardless of where the academic is based. We manage all administrative details, including payments and contracts, to ensure our experts are compensated promptly and correctly. Experts receive an impressive 80% share of the consultation fee, while Acume takes a 20% commission. This rate is substantially lower than the industry norm where experts typically receive 30%. Our ability to offer such competitive rates stems from our unique strategy of attracting academics to our platform, combined with our efficient, technology-driven process. This approach keeps our recruitment costs low, enabling us to pass these savings on to our experts.

    Moreover, academics maintain complete rights to their research summaries, empowering them to broaden the influence of their work. At Acume, our goal is to simplify the engagement process, creating a win-win situation for both academics and professionals.

  • What should I expect from using an expert?

    Upon engaging with Acume’s expert services, your initial step involves a brief consultation to pinpoint your specific needs. Following this, we’ll draft and send you a proposal reflecting our discussion. Once you approve, we’ll offer a curated list of experts for you to choose from. After selection, the expert receives your briefing and a meeting is arranged. The session is your opportunity to seek advice and delve into your questions, so preparation is key for maximising the academics expertise. We will share some tips with how to get the most from your consultation.

  • What is the time investment for using an expert?

    At Acume, we appreciate the value of your time and have optimized our services for efficiency and impact. Engaging with one of our experts requires minimal time investment for maximum insight. To initiate, you’ll spend approximately 20 minutes consulting with us to understand your needs—alternatively, you have the option to craft your own brief if you prefer. Following this, each expert consultation is structured as a one-hour session. Should your project require more in-depth discussion, additional time can be arranged. Our aim is to provide swift, substantial expertise that integrates seamlessly into your busy schedule.

  • Do I need to pay a subscription to access the research library?

    No, we are committed to democratising access to academic knowledge. There are no charges for academics to share their research summaries on our platform nor for anyone else to browse and read them. The research library is completely free for all users. 

  • Can I quote from the research summaries in my work?

    Yes, absolutely. We just ask that you reference the quote, by citing both the academic and Acume. There is a button on each summary that generates the correct citation for you to use. 

  • What if the consultation with an expert does not meet my expectations?

    At Acume, we strive for high-quality consultations. If a session with an expert doesn’t meet your expectations, please reach out to us within 5 days of the service delivery. We’ll review the situation and explore options such as additional consultations, a refund, or a system credit. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and provide solutions that align with your project objectives

  • What happens after the initial consultation if I decide not to proceed?

    If you choose not to proceed after the initial consultation, there’s no obligation or charge. You’re only billed for a successful expert session. We understand that every project has unique needs, and our goal is to provide flexibility and choice to our clients

  • What is Acume’s policy on conflict of interest during expert consultations?

    At Acume, we maintain a strict policy on conflicts of interest to uphold the integrity of our consultations. Experts are required to disclose any potential conflicts, including personal beliefs or affiliations that might influence their advice. Our platform is designed to offer objective, unbiased insights (to the extent that is possible). We ensure this by thoroughly vetting experts and requiring transparent disclosure of any conflicts at the start of each consultation.

  • What languages are supported for consultations?

    Currently, our consultations are conducted exclusively in English. We aim to change this as we grow.

  • What is the cancellation policy for a booked expert consultation?

    Our cancellation policy is designed to respect both our clients’ and experts’ time. If you cancel more than 24 hours before the scheduled consultation, there’s no charge. Cancellations made less than 24 but more than 4 hours in advance may incur a fee. For cancellations within 4 hours of the appointment, the full fee is non-refundable. We also offer the option to reschedule more than 24 hours in advance without penalty.

  • What measures are in place to ensure confidentiality during expert consultations?

    We have robust confidentiality agreements and processes to ensure that your information and the consultation details remain secure. 

    All meetings are assumed confidential, unless both parties explicitly agree otherwise. 

  • I have another question that isn't listed here.

    For any further inquiries, please reach out to us directly at hello@acume.org, and we’ll be happy to assist you.