Crafting the summary

Writing for a practitioner audience is different to communicating with your colleagues. Practitioners are a diverse audience, with varied backgrounds, educations and job roles, and communicating to them all is a challenge.

However despite differences, there is one major similarity. The need to base decisions on sound insight. 

There is less necessity for the abstract and theoretical debates, and more demand for the tangible recommendation of what theory means in practice. The purpose of writing a summary is to translate academic knowledge into a sound recommendation that explicitly states what it means. 

In this section, we have put together some key points to help you translate your research in the most valuable way.

We value clear and quality content that includes unique and diverse perspectives, varied voices, and smart ideas.

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How to translate academic language with a professional in mind

Communicating academic ideas to a different audience requires significant skill. Read our top nine tips on how to maximise your potential impact. Practitioners we spoke with advised to try keep it as concise and understandable as possible. 

Eleven checks for a successful submission

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