help turn research into a resource for change

You'll be working closely with academics across the world to make academic research more accessible and useful for NGOs and government organisations.

Why volunteer

Make an impact

Make academic research more accessible to help inform and innovate international affairs and development

Network with diverse academics

Meet, interview and learn from inspiring academics from across the world

Gain new skills

A two-month opportunity to help you learn new skills, such as effective networking and interviewing

How it works

Five students are selected to join each cohort. As a student volunteer, you will commit eight hours a month for a minimum of two months.

Over the two months period, you will be running your own outreach project on an academic topic of your interest related to a social challenge (eg climate change, human trafficking, inequality etc).

Acume values academics who are representative of the region they research (either living there or from there).

Therefore, you will research, invite and interview academics from across the world, and help turn their latest paper into something useful for practitioners and policymakers.

You will be expected to dedicate two hours a week, in addition to joining a team meeting every two weeks.

Mini project

In the first two months, you will run your own mini outreach project. You can select the topic - it can align closely with your current studies - or be something you know nothing about.

Conduct interviews

After your project, you may continue your commitment by signing up to do ad hoc interviews. You can choose which interviews you'd like to commit to.

Ongoing support

Every two weeks, we meet to update, reflect and problem solve any challenges. In addition to this, you will join our slack community.


20 November

Applications close

24 & 25 November

20 minute interview with shortlisted candidates

3pm, 1 December

New cohort begins – 1.5 hour introduction and onboarding.

Week 1

Decide topic, initial research

Week 2

Researching academics & making a shortlist

Week 3

Sending invites

Weeks 4 - 8

Interviewing with academics and translating their research

Applications for December cohort are closed. Details on next cohort coming soon.

Download and read the full role description and selection criteria before making your application.

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