Our story.

Why we are creating Acume.

The problem.

In a time of disinformation and mistrust, there is increasing demand for credible, reliable and quality information.

Yet while academics tirelessly research the most pressing societal challenges, often their work is not seen or read by anyone outside of the university.

This is because todays state of academia is not accessible. 

And accessibility is more than just physical access. Its the amount of time it demands to read a lengthy academic article or book. Its about finding exactly what you need and the availability of perspectives that represent your community. It is about the effort and skill needed to interpret and comprehend its insights. And its about understanding its value and real-world application.

Currently, findings are hidden and locked within long and complex papers. Meaning its potential to inform and inspire meaningful and positive change is limited. 

And this is why we exist. Acume will make academic insights available, understandable and useable for everyone. We will make research fast to find and quick to read. By doing this, we close the gap between theory and practice, and facilitate collaboration between academic and practitioner. 

We want to ensure every busy professional working across the international affairs and development sector has access to the insights they need to make the biggest possible impact to the communities they serve. We transform research into action and connect a global and diverse field of experts.