Partner with us.

We are seeking values-aligned collaborators for mutual exchange.

*** Limited Offer ***

Relevant organisation partnerships

(for NGOs, government etc. working within international affairs and development)

We’re seeking organisations across the international affairs & development sector to partner with us.

As a partner, we will serve you with academic insight summaries customised to your operational needs. We will work with academics to digest research insights into useable evidence, which support informed decision-making. 

And we do this for your ideas and honest feedback. As we are new, we want the opportunity to learn exactly what is useful for you and how to serve your needs best.

Interested? Then please send us an email to find out more.

Please note: due to the time intensity of this work, we can only work with carefully selected organisations, which align with our values, are relevant and have a wide need for gender insights.

University partnerships

(for universities producing impactful and significant research on gender and human rights topics)

We want to partner with a few impactful universities or faculties.

As a partner, we can help your university’s research efforts be seen by practitioners, thus increasing its impact potential.

We would work with the researchers and academics across relevant faculties to ensure research has the highest chance of increasing impact.

We would need your help setting up the meetings and then we can do the rest to ensure the research is prepared to best serve practitioners and policymakers insight needs. The time required by your academics is minimal. 

Please send us an email to find out more.

Social Enterprise partnerships

(for academic publishers, universities, startups, social organisations and corporate organisations who align with our values)

We have found a way to identify and translate academic research into compelling content and informative insights.

  • Do you need a hand promoting your social cause across social media?
  • Do you need to communicate the importance of your social mission with academic research?
  • Or do you simply need access to customised academic research insights that can help you to make better decisions? 


Then get in touch and let’s talk. Send us an email to explore how Acume can help for a moderate fee.

Sponsor Us

(only available to organisations who align with our values and mission)

We have attractive sponsorship packages available. 

Would your organisation like to be featured on our website and be associated with our social mission to increase gender inclusivity and to democratise, diversify and decolonise academic knowledge?

if so, we want to hear from you. Send us an email to request Acume’s sponsorship packages.