Discrimination, Inclusion & Equality, Gender & Women's Rights, Migration

Digital technologies are increasingly being used as tools for the perpetration of domestic violence. Little empirical research to date has explored the nature and impacts of technology-facilitated domestic violence, and even less attention has been paid to the experiences of immigrant and refugee women. This article examines the nature and impacts of technology-facilitated domestic violence as experienced by immigrant and refugee women.

Discrimination, Inclusion & Equality

Our findings illustrate the stark contrast and health inequities between trans and non-binary people and the general population, especially in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, including the very high rates of psychological distress and suicide attempts within our communities.

Monitoring & Evaluation, Discrimination, Inclusion & Equality

El Baradei,
SDG 16 has many politically sensitive indicators, which is allowing governments (in this case – Egypt) to not self-report accurately. Including quantifiable targets and indicators for the SDGs helps citizens hold their governments accountable for the implementation of all the promises governments make to its citizens.