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Bulelwa Maphela,
University of Johannesburg
The efforts of the different parts of the chain from undertaker, to environmentalist to local government are too disaggregated. There needs to be better coordination, because access to undertakers is very important for families when their close ones die.
Tanusha Raniga,
University of Johannesburg
There were a number of conclusions: First, women should be supported in terms of getting the psychosocial support that they need, because many women feel very lonely and isolated. So creating a business forum where they can share their experience monthly would be useful. Then social workers should really get involved
Stephen Chitengi Sakapaji,
Sophia University
This research is about the understanding of the importance of local and indigenous knowledge systems in the climate change discourse for a better and effective adaptation that builds resilience and enhances the sustainability of the agriculture sector through innovative policies in a continously changing climate.