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Lucy Hall,
University of Amsterdam
Gendered images of refugees contribute to how we understand who is deserving of protection and who is not.
Tom Nijs,
Utrecht University
Dutch and British natives who believe that the country is ‘ours’ are more negative towards immigrant minorities and European integration, and British natives were likely to translate these attitudes into voting ‘leave’ in the Brexit referendum.
Andrew Delatolla,
University of Leeds
It is important to acknowledge the colonial dimension of the governance of (homo)sexuality. By doing so, practitioners gain a nuanced understanding of LGBTQ+ communities in the global south and they avoid perpetuating the harmful binary understanding of the world as consisting of ‘civilised’ and ‘uncivilised’ peoples o
Laila El Baradei,
The American University in Cairo
SDG 16 has many politically sensitive indicators, which is allowing governments (in this case – Egypt) to not self-report accurately. Including quantifiable targets and indicators for the SDGs helps citizens hold their governments accountable for the implementation of all the promises governments make to its citizens.
Jaimie Veale,
Our findings illustrate the stark contrast and health inequities between trans and non-binary people and the general population, especially in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, including the very high rates of psychological distress and suicide attempts within our communities.