Logo Use Guidelines

You are welcome to use the Acume logo for the purpose of linking to the Acume site or sharing research provided you comply with our Terms of Service.

We grant you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, revocable, worldwide licence to use our logo to indicate the link to our website provided that you follow our Logo Use Guidelines and that you cease to use our logo in any form should we revoke our licence to you to do so in writing. 

You cannot use the Acume logo in any way that might damage our reputation or take advantage of it.

If you use our logo inappropriately and/or do not comply with these Logo Use Guidelines, then we reserve the right to revoke your license to use our logo. 

Minimum Size

The logo must always be displayed at a size large enough to read the wordmark. This will vary based on the resolution of the medium it is being used in. 


The Acume Logo can only appear in the two colours shown above – Acume blue or white. 

The Acume blue is #002A52

Do not use any other colours in presenting the logo and do not alter the colours in any way. 

Colours allowed to be used with the logo include:

  • Petite Orchid Pink – #E09590
  • Bismark Green – #4E7984
  • Just Right Terracotta –  #E7C9B1
  • Egg Shell Blue – #D0E8E6
  • Porcelain grey – #E7EDEB



The logo can be used on white, black or certain colour backgrounds, as listed above. 

When using a white background, please use the blue Acume logo.

When using a coloured background, please use the logo that provides the best contrast. 

Do not place the logo over photographs. The only exception being that it is a photograph of only you and the photograph is your property. 


At all times, use of the logo device in its normal orientation is required. You may not rotate the logo in any circumstances.

Examples Of What Not To Do

  • Modifying the logo in any way
  • Incorrect colour logo 
  • Logo used with attached elements 
  • Logo enclosed in graphic element
  • Inappropriate pairing of company logo with Acume logo, unless permission was granted


Requesting a Variance

If you wish to use Acume’s logo or icon in a way that does not comply with these Logo Use Guidelines for creative reasons, you may request a variance from these guidelines by sending the proposed design to admin@acume.org