Academic FAQs

1.  Create a user account

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2. Add research summary 

From the Academic Dashboard you can draft, submit and edit your research summaries.

Alternatively, we can organise an interview with you and manage the process for you. Please email:

By participating on Acume, you will widen the reach of your work.

This offers you valuable exposure and an easy way to disseminate your ideas, and influence the shape of our society.

Your summary will be seen by other academics, practitioners and policymakers. 

Practitioners and policymakers not only need access to knowledge to make more evidence-based decisions, but they need it to drive societal impact. Helping them to access academic ideas and evidence will support them to make a positive difference to the communities that they serve.

Yes, you do. Think of Acume like a blog that serves to distribute and promote your research paper and ideas. You can retract your participation at any time.

No, it doesn’t. The only requirements are that it is meticulous, transparent, ethical and high-quality. 

In the form we ask a few questions regarding methodology to help readers assess the trustworthiness of the finding.

We aim to make knowledge available to everyone. So you will never incur any costs to publish on Acume.

No, we do not need your paper. Our summaries simply link to the research output hosted elsewhere – however, we do ask, if possible, that academics add a link to an open-source version. It makes it easier for our readers to continue to read your research.

You are responsible for only sharing what is allowed. But usually, it is fine to share research findings if presented in a different format to the original article. As we then link back to the original paper, if a reader wanted to read the full version, then they will need to navigate your publisher’s processes for accessing the article – this is why we prefer open-source where possible!

For whatever reason, if you’d like to remove your summary, then just let us know and we will take immediate action.

Of course. We encourage as many different voices, perspectives and researchers as possible.

Right now we’re in the very early stages of development, but it’s our aim to be able to share with you data on which organisations are reading your paper. 

However, both our partners, iDE Global and ASEAN, will be using and citing the summaries they use in their reports and programs.

We define an ‘academic’ as anyone currently working at a university (including PhD candidates) or a research institution. But we can host older papers from a time you were an active academic.

Currently we don’t. However, this is not sustainable in the longer-term and so we are currently seeking impartial funding. 

We will never ask for money retrospectively and active contributors will never need to pay anything.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question here, or if you need more help, then email us at