Yes, you may. We’re prioritising research on gender and women’s rights as we aim to create an extensive  resource in one topic before growing to other topics. In the future we will feature a diverse array of topics and so we welcome any submission relevant for the international affairs and development sector.

Yes, you do. Consider Acume like a blog that serves to review and promote your research paper. Right now, we do not need any version of your full paper (although an open source link where to find it is appreciated!)

No, it doesn’t. The only requirements are that it is meticulous, transparent, ethical and high-quality. 

You will never incur any costs to publish on Acume.

No, you don’t. But it is helpful to tell our readers where they can find it. A URL link to an open-source version is very appreciated.

You are responsible for only sharing what is allowed. Usually, research findings can be shared when in a different format (summarised) than the published paper.

For whatever reason, if you’d like to remove your summary at any point, then just let us know and we will take immediate action.

Of course. We encourage as many different voices, perspectives and researchers as possible.

Right now we’re in the very early stages of development, but it’s our aim to be able to share with you data on which organisations are reading your paper.

You have the opportunity to influence practitioner approach in the field for the better, support them to make more evidence-based decisions, and help to make a positive difference to the communities that they serve. In the future, we intend to provide you with data that can help to prove the impact your research has made.

While we ask for current academics, if you work at a research institute or have significant experience working in academia and your work has been conducted with a rigorous approach that meets academic standards, then we welcome your contributions. 

Currently we don’t. But this is not sustainable in the longer-term and we may need to reassess. We will never ask for money retrospectively and active contributors will never need to pay anything.

How do I contribute research to Acume?

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Download submission form

Click to download the form. It downloads as a fillable word document. If you have any issues then email us at [email protected]

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Translate your findings

The form guides your summary formation. What you write in the form will be published as your research summary. The form is very quick to complete if you know the research well.

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Submit your completed form below

Click above to submit your submission form and accompanying research paper. Or email us at [email protected]

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Make a big impact

All form submissions are reviewed for credentials and quality. This process can take a few days. After this your summary will be published on Acume ready to make an impact