Academia could change the world – but only if it changes first


Social impact has thankfully cemented itself as a lasting notion. It has forced us think twice about what should be researched. What knowledge does society need to truly innovate and grow? In the social sciences, research can bring light to corruption, inequality, power imbalances and numerous other social issues that can contribute to better societies. […]

Our call to democratise, diversify and decolonise knowledge


In this post, I will define exactly what is meant by these terms and why supporting these values will transform academia for the better. Will you join us? The democratisation of knowledge We aim to democratise and de-eliticise academic knowledge by making research findings accessible to every professional across our sectors.  Academia is an ivory […]

Universities and the legacy of colonial epistemicide


Colonial knowledge systems have controlled the information we obtain and the way we process it. These systems decide which knowledge and methodologies are considered ‘modern’, and which are not worthy of the academy, and should thus be silenced. The invasive process of silencing expressions of indigenous knowledge can be described as a form of epistemic […]