Introducing: the academic dashboard

The team at Acume are delighted to announce updates to our platform.

Photo by Robert Anasch

26 April 2022

If you visited our last website, you’ll already notice a big change. The Acume website has been redesigned to become easier to navigate and more attractive.

We added a search and filters to make it easier to find needed research.

But our biggest update sits slightly under the surface. We are delighted to introduce the academic dashboard.

What is the academic dashboard?

The dashboard allows academics to add and manage their own research summaries.

This allows more academics to share their research. Building a more valuable database, which represents greater diversity across knowledge.

Over the past year, we have been working with both the academic and practitioner communities to develop a framework. This framework guides the translation of academic research into an easily accessible format for every professional.

Our format helps to extract key information and insight from the latest research. With our tool, academic research can be digested and communicated in an accessible way that serves the end-user, ensuring research is used to drive social impact.

How it works

Our service is free. There are no costs to summarise and share academic research on Acume, and there are no costs for the end-user to find and read your research. This is because our mission is to empower everyone with academic knowledge.

As an academic, all you need to do is make an account using your university email, login to complete your profile, and click to add a new research summary.

It is important that your profile is complete before adding a summary. Your profile information will display next to your summary and will be used within our search logic.

After completing your profile, you can add new research. Every research paper must be shared as a new summary, this is because we link back to each paper and tell the reader where they can learn more.

After submitting a form, you’ll see that it will read as “pending” this is because our team read and check every new submission. If we spot any errors, then you’ll hear from us. But if not, then it will be published in the open database.

After research is published, you can still edit and manage this research from your dashboard. Click on the edit button to make any later tweaks.

This is the first version of the dashboard, please, please, please send us feedback so we can work on the improved version two and subsequent features.

And stay tuned – there are many more features coming soon.

Thank you for joining our mission to make academia more accessible.

Are you an academic who cares about social impact? Click here to make an account and get sharing today.