NGO & Government professionals

Practitioners working across the international affairs & development sector want to use your research to help them make decisions founded on evidence.

Communities Across the globe

By supporting professionals, you'll be making a difference to the livelihoods of some of the worlds most vulnerable people and communities.

Yourself & Other Academics

Your research will be seen by a new audience of academics & professionals wanting to engage with your work. Giving your research the chance to attain its impact potential.

Who will I support by participating on Acume?

Acume is on a mission to put academic learning into practice. We want to ensure that the highest quality academic research reaches professionals working across the international affairs and development sector. 

These professionals shape policy, development programmes and humanitarian approaches. The people who impact the lives of the world’s most vulnerable. But they need reliable insights to make the biggest and most positive impact. 

And in a time of disinformation, access to objective information and critical thinking has never been more urgent.

But we need your support to make it happen.


What are the benefits from sharing my research?

Maximise the possible impact of your findings by letting it be seen by key decision-makers
Positively influence policy, projects and progress across the sector
Support professionals by sharing your expertise & recommendations to apply in the field
Inspire & drive progress, innovation and better approaches
Connect with professionals & understand the real impact of your work
Help bridge the age-old divide between academics & practitioners
Let your work gain greater exposure by sharing beyond the academic community

We're creating an alternative to elitist & biased academic publishing. We want to make academic research accessible.

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academia by allowing research findings to be accessible to everyone

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theory by not keeping it siloed within one discipline or journal

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research by connecting with and citing the work of local scholars

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