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Expand your academic reach and influence without the hassle by adding a summary or becoming a paid expert

Research summary

 Share your findings using our step-by-step template. This turns your research into an impact summary that’s shared on Acume and makes it easy for policymakers and practitioners to use.

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Become an expert

Offer your knowledge and practical advice directly to governments and NGOs during a one hour expert call, and be compensated for your expertise.

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Share an impact summary

And let others find, read and use your research

While your research efforts are driven by a desire to shape our society for the better, the journey doesn’t end with the completion of a paper.

According to Nature, up to 20% of your work hours are spent on impact activities just so your work can compete for visibility and reach – an overwhelming amount of time.

Acume can help you get your research seen, cited and used by changemakers without the time or effort – and it’s for free!

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Benefits of sharing a summary

Have your research matched to professionals who need it

Boost readership by 23%

Increase the citations for your original work

Expand collaboration opportunities and professional network

Regain a work day of time every week

No costs and retain all copyright and ownership

How to share a summary


Make a free account and complete your profile


Craft a new summary by providing your answer to a few easy questions


Click publish so it can be seen and connected with practitioners and policymakers

Become an expert

To advise governments and NGOs during a paid one hour consultation

Acume can help you earn an extra income – or pass it forward via a donation – for the knowledge that you already know. 

You hold valuable knowledge about a topic like no-one else, and so we just connect your expertise to organisations that need it to guide better decision-making. We offer the chance to apply it directly, facilitating real-world change with minimal prep on your part.

Prior to your first consultation, we’ll guide you through practical training to transition from academic theory to impactful advice, ensuring you communicate effectively with professionals working in the field. 


Become an expert

Key advantages of becoming an expert

Earn an extra income (or pass it forward) for just a few hours of your time

Gain insights into what organisations are struggling with, sparking new ideas

Earn based on experience, not geography

Put your ideas directly into action and enable greater impact for people and planet

The assurance that your engagements can remain discreet if desired

Select the opportunities which align with your interests and schedule, with no long-term commitments or expectations

How to become an expert


Make a free account, complete your profile and change expert status to open


Fill out your expertise and contribute impact summaries to develop your portfolio


Wait to be matched to opportunities and decide if it works for you